To produce highly competent accountants imbued with excellent leadership and management skills that can satisfy the needs and demands of the society locally and globally.


To be a renowned school of accountancy that offers quality and affordable education in a competitive environment.

Career Opportunities

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

Audit Staff | Tax Staff | Management Services / Consulting | Financial Accounting and Reporting Staff | State Accounting Examiner | State Accountant | LGU Accountant | Junior Accounting Instructor.

Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology

Vice President for Finance | Chief Information Officer | Accounting Technician | Senior Fraud Examiner | Chief Financial Officer | Tax Accounting Staff | Internal Audit Staff | Financial Analyst | Budget Analyst | Credit Analyst | Comptroller.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management

Finance Staff / Officer | Investment Banker | Financial Analyst | Credit Analyst | Credit and Collections Assistant | Treasury Assistant | Loan Officer.

Bachelor of Science in Business Management

Construction Manager | External Auditor | Human Resources Officer | Logistics and Distribution Manager | Marketing Executive.

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

Can operate or work in front office | rooms and housekeeping | food and beverage | sales | public relations and marketing | human resources | sports and recreation | Can establish own hotel and restaurant businesses.

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management Major in Food and Beverage

Can work for stand-alone and hotel restaurants, airline in flight-food service, culinary school, hospital and nursing homes, city and country clubs, yachts, cruise lines | Can own and operate food and beverage-related businesses.

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management

Can work for various sectors that comprise the tourism industry such as: transportation, accommodation, food service, travel and tour operations, and other tourism-related activities.