CRMC Psychology Program aims to contribute to national development by producing competent, compassionate, and conscientious psychology graduates who can help promote optimal development and functioning towards individual, family, institutional, and national level.


The only school in the north of Cebu that produces psychology graduates who are responsive and adaptive of the various issues and demands confronted by our local and national communities through the accomplishment of the following strategies:

  • Redesigning the curriculum in ways that promote and strengthen the cognitive, social and emotional competencies of our students;
  • Strengthening psychological and psychosocial competencies that help preserve and flourish wellness among students, teachers, and individuals in the community;
  • Establishing sustainable school programs and community linkages related to peace, mental health, and wellbeing;
  • Equipping students the basics of scientific research and its importance in serving the community;
  • Efficient monitoring to improve student performance;
  • Espousing professional upliftment of instruction needed for 21st century learners

  • Career Opportunities

    Psychometricians in various fields (may be in school, industry, NGOs or even in government agencies) | Human Resource Personnel | Medical Representatives | Court Psychologist | Resident Psychologist in Rehab Centers, Hospitals and in the Armed Forces | College Instructor/Professor | Labor Arbiter | Advertising Personnel | Guidance Counselor | Receptionist | Community Relation officer | Social Worker | Parole Officer | Life Coach | Administrative Officer.