CRMC as an educational institution is guided by the observance of the following philosophies:
  • Update teacher and staff capabilities through training.
  • Update facilities needed.
  • Adopt continuous improvements in teaching methods and techniques, while keeping education costs at affordable levels.
  • Undertake community outreach work through relevant research and projects designed for skills and livelihood upliftment


    The Cebu Roosevelt Memorial Colleges, an established educational institution in Northern Cebu province since 1947, tasks itself with continually enhanced efforts in preparing its student in their chosen professions, thereby satisfying the intellectual and educational preferences of its surrounding communities while aligning with national goals and development.


    A premier institution in Northern Cebu that produces highly competent graduates in their fields of specialization through the accomplishment of the following strategies:

  • Demand-driven outcomes-based programs.
  • Efficient monitoring to improve student performance.
  • Adequate and well-maintained facilities.
  • Establishing a realistic merit review system.
  • Espousing professional upliftment.
  • Implementing sustainable extension services and research programs.
  • Instituting monitoring measures to maintain the competitive advantage in our area of influence.


    CRMC believes that its people are its primary assets. They are living models of the aspirations of CRMC. They all treasure and are continually guided by the following core values: integrity, resourcefulness, loyalty, leadership, and sense of urgency.