Years ago, in the peaceful district of Cogon, Bogo, Cebu; the Cebu Roosevelt Memorial Colleges was founded with the end in view of providing residents of the locality and environs with a decent education which the average Filipino can afford without sacrificing too much the fulfillment of other basic needs.

History of Cebu Roosevelt Memorial Colleges In the summer term of 1947, the Cebu Roosevelt operation with the barest educational facilities but with the noblest of vision, unwavering determination and high level of teachers' qualification. (Read more...)

Our Mission

The Cebu Roosevelt Memorial Colleges, an establishment educational institution in Northern Cebu province since 1947, tasks itself with continually enhanced efforts in preparing its students in their chosen professions, thereby satisfying the intellectual and educational preferences of its surrounding communities while aligning with national goals and development.

Our Vision

CRMC is and will be a premier institution in Northern Cebu that produces highly competent graduates in their fields of specialization through the accomplishments of the following strategies:

  • Outcome-based programs
  • Efficient monitoring to improve student performance
  • Adequate and well-maintained facilities
  • Establishing a realistic merit review system
  • Espousing professional upliftment
  • Implementing sustainable extension services and research programs
  • Instituting monitoring measures to maintain the competitive advantage in our area influence

Our Goals

Given the stated mission statement the Cebu Roosevelt Memorial Colleges as a whole aim:

  1. to contribute effectively to the formation of a wholly developed, responsible, value driven, and work oriented person among the studentry.
  2. to prepare the students to become competitive in the vocational field of their interest and inclination thus contributing their share to common good and the welfare of the community where they may be situated.
  3. to provide affordable, relevant, and quality education to the students, which would prepare them for responsible and committed citizenship and leadership in a democratic community.
  4. to tailor academic instruction and co-curricular functions to the needs of the community and the aspiration of the student to face life’s challenges.
  5. to preserve and develop the worthwhile values of Philippine culture and tradition; and to propagate Philippine nationalism and civic responsibility; and
  6. to employ education as an effective instrument in the betterment of Philippine communities and the rural areas, and participate however, modestly in the pursuance of the nation’s national development agenda.

Our Core Values

ARISE - Academic Excellence, Adaptability, Respect, Innovation, Social Responsibility and Empathy